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Professional painters and decorators

Professional Painting & Decorating

We work with home owners, landlords and business clients directly to paint and decorate their homes and premises to the client's individual requirements. Frequently we also work with property professionals such as interior designers, architects, builders and developers to assist in the completion of their projects to the standards they require.

Interior decoration including painting, wallpapering and minor interior repairs are carried out all year round. We prefer to do most exterior painting when the weather is fair, which tends to be during the late spring, summer and early autumn months. The vagaries of the English weather however, do occasionally allow exceptions to this general rule.

Rarely is a decorating job too large or too small; if the appearance of even your smallest room matters to you then it is important to us! Alternatively if you have big ideas or a large project and need the experince of experts to ensure all runs smoothly, then Joseph is the man to call. Typically we strip, repair, prepare, paint, wallpaper and decorate;

  • Small rooms including cloakrooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms and nurseries.
  • Larger rooms such as reception rooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms, hallways, staircases and landings.
  • Whole flats, apartments, houses, offices and retail shops.
  • Entire apartment blocks, residential homes, office buildings and other commercial premises.

Dependent upon a client’s requirements and situation, decorating projects can be completed all in one go within a short time scale, or scheduled over a longer period with work carried out in phases that are most convenient for the client.

For more information and a no obligation free quote please call Joseph on 07776 194384 or e-mail ''.